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Missing episode discussion

Hello everyone! This community's been looking a little quiet lately, which is pretty surprising when you realise how much has been going on with the Troughton era stories lately. The Moonbase and the Ice Warriors have both had their missing episodes animated for their DVD releases and then there was the monumental news that nine missing episodes had been found in Nigeria last year. Plus there's all sorts of rumours and mystery surrounding The Underwater Menace. So, let's talk about it!

Drabble: An Idle Moment

Title: An Idle Moment
Author: john_amend_all
Characters: Second Doctor, Jamie, Zoë
Rating: All ages
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: "Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC.
Author's notes: Posted to mark Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, whose existence I learned of from QI.
Summary: Imprisoned once again, the Doctor and his companions find time hangs heavy on their hands.

Zoë yawned. "How long are they going to keep us here, anyway?"

"As long as they like," the Doctor replied serenely.

"Well, it's very boring." She shifted her position, causing a fusillade of detonations from her dress.

"Och, Zoë, will you stop fidgeting?" Jamie complained. "I canna sleep wi' that racket going on."

"Well, there are always other ways to pass the time," the Doctor said. He squeezed Zoë's cuff between his fingers, until a bubble burst. "Try it, Jamie, it's very therapeutic."

Pop. "Aye, it is."

Zoë couldn't help giggling. "Just be careful what you squeeze," she warned them.

Two loves Jamie

Fic: The Blackpool Illuminations

The Blackpool Illuminations
: doctorpancakes
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Two/Jamie, Victoria
Rating: R-ish
Word Count: 1772
Warnings: Feelings
Author's Note: Follows the events of Blanket Castle and takes place somewhere not too far before Fury From The Deep, though it requires no foreknowledge of either.

(The plan had gone spectacularly well, all things considered:)